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Learn How to Open Your Own Automotive Machine Shop!

You’ve chosen to specialize in Engine Machining Services for the High-Performance, Racing and Rebuilt engine marketplace.

Your automotive machine shop will strive to create engines that pass up the competition…and surpass customer expectations!

When it comes to stock, custom, high performance and racing applications, or perhaps even diesel engines, you’ll offer the expert advice your customers can trust!


Be Your Own Boss!


  • Jump-Start Your Career and own the Automotive Machine Shop, You’ve Always Dreamed Of!!!
  • We’ve Designed an Automotive Machine Shop Business Start-Up Course for You, Complete With Step-By-Step Instructions!


“Make Your Big Career Move!


  • The Average Machine Shop Produced Nearly 25 Gas and Diesel Engines, Monthly! That’s up from 22.4 in 2013! This is the Continuation of a Positive Trend and the Highest Number Seen in at least seven years!
  • The Average Hourly Shop Labor Rate (nationally) is $95.00, an increase of $22.50 per hour from a year ago! 


Our specialized Automotive Machine Shop program is Targeted Towards an Enormous Niche in the Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Service Marketplace!



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