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4 clear signs your a car enthusiast

4 Clear Signs That You Love Cars!

There’s this desire for the pure adrenaline that comes from being behind the wheel of your car. You can feel the power intensify as you push your pedal closer to the ground and the RPM’s creep closer to the redline. This desire for adrenaline isn’t something that just happened overnight; this came from your childhood. Whether it was the Fast & Furious franchise, or going to the track with your family on the weekends, or maybe it’s just simply in your blood; we all can share one thing in common–we love cars! 


Here are 4 signs that prove you have a need for speed:



You spot a unique car coming down the road and before anyone has the opportunity to think, you’ve already correctly assessed the make and model. You find yourself scanning the open road, looking to spot that next hotrod. You truly can’t help but get lost in the act; some may call it love at first sight. Is this starting to sound familiar?



There is unspoken respect in the car community for anyone who chooses to daily-drive a manual. Depending on your location, you encounter hills, stop-and-go traffic, undesirable weather conditions, etc., and you still choose to drive a manual! Gear up, my friends…you are the real deal. Not to mention you look really clutch when the group can’t drive a stick, and you step up… you’re the hero.



I’ll take an Audi R8 V10 for two hundred, Alex. Everyday is like a game show in your head. You can correctly identify the inner workings of said vehicle; just by the sound of it ripping through the gears, even though it may be miles away. There is just something therapeutic about the symphony that’s created by combustion in the motor. Some may call it noise, but you and me? We call it music!. 



How many car enthusiasts does it take to change a light bulb? We may never know– they got lost talking about their suspension setup and the next car meet. No matter the conversation, car enthusiasts will somehow find a way to spin the conversation in the direction of cars. Raise your hand if you are guilty. If you are wondering… my hand is also up. It’s something we are unapologetically proud of.


Some leave their passion for cars at the door, but why not make it bigger? Maybe one day, you can put your enthusiasm to work and become the mechanic and technician of not only your own life, but maybe even   the owner of your own automotive shop! Who knows, crazier things have happened.. They said a production car wouldn’t be able to reach 300+ MPH, but we know how the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 changed that.


If you find yourself personally identifying with  this blog post, you are in fact, a car enthusiast, my friend. 


Welcome to the club, we’re happy to have you!


     –  Skyler.


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