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How to Make Facebook Ads, Adwords Work for Your Shop

Auto repair is one of those services where people often tap their friends and family for a recommendation for some product or service. If you are active on Facebook, you have probably seen someone you know seek recommendations on Facebook. Facebook actually makes it easy to recommend a business. Once a person starts typing a business name in a comment, a box pops up asking to link to the business in the recommendation. 

Facebook ads are a great way to target people who are seeking recommendations for auto repair, and to target people within a specific vicinity. Many auto repair shops advertise their services on Facebook and other social media platforms. Customers looking for auto repairs generally connect with local shops through online reviews, word of mouth testimonials, and face-to-face connection with technicians. The personal nature of Facebook lends itself well to ads that promote custom services like the ones auto body shops offer.

The world of online advertising can be complex for those who have no experience with it. And while there are many tools that make it easier for the average nontechnical person to do it, the long-term analysis and optimization that ads need to capture more customers is a science unto itself. Facebook Ads and Adwords are some of the top tools to use. Here we’ll look at a few strategies to create successful ads that will bring customers to your auto repair shop.


Steps to Make a Facebook Ad for an Auto Repair Shop

Making an ad on Facebook for your auto repair shop can be done in just four simple steps. It all starts with setting up an account Facebook’s Ads Manager. With this tool you can set all the specific parameters of your ad and control how you want potential customers to interact with the ad.  


Create an advertising campaign

Define the goal (or objective) of your ad campaign. What do you want to happen when someone clicks on your ad? For an auto repair shop, the best interactions for the ad could be to take the user to the company website to increase brand awareness, it could connect the user to the online booking service for a repair, or connect them to a real person in your company for a consultation. You can also offer discounts on services such as brake service and seasonal services such as A/C repairs and recharging.

Make an ad account

Creating an ad account with Facebook Ads and Adwords is a simple step in which you set up your auto repair shop as the primary business running the ad.

Build an ad set (define a target audience)

On Facebook this is a challenge particularly for small businesses. It’s important to remember that every person your ad reaches costs you money, so you should carefully research your audience to make sure it reaches the highest number of potential customers. If your audience is too broad, you risk wasting money on people that will probably never patronize your shop. If your audience is too narrow, you risk missing out on lots of potential customers. 

Auto repair shops are by nature extremely localized, so you should pay close attention to the region when choosing the location of the delivery of your ad. For example, an auto repair shop in Salt Lake City should localize their ad to that specific area, rather than waste money on sending ads to people outside the region who are unlikely to need the service. 

There are also other variables you can control when choosing your target audience, such as age, gender, behaviors and interests. In this case, it’s reasonable to narrow down the audience by people who own cars. If you specialize in a particular area such as “Foeriegn Auto Repair” or “European Auto Repair” you may want to select people with interests in BMW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes.

The ad set also defines the budget for the campaign. Depending on how often you want people to see the ad and how much you want to spend, you can use the options in the ad set to schedule your campaign.


Design the ad 

Think carefully about the language you use in your ad. The message should be clear and concise and direct the user to perform whatever action supports your objective. Also, be wary of including images or video that are too complicated to understand. Ad copy needs to speak to the pain points of the user and an eye catching graphic will get your ads noticed.

Free Advice

Facebook wants your ad campaigns to be successful and they will actually assign a representative to help you with creating your ads and optimizing them for success. Once you have set up your ads you will see an option to work with a Facebook representative. Take them up on the offer and the advice costs you nothing.





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